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New Users Registration

My main concern is a basic feature such a user who is not registered in the service desk emails the service desk for support but their ticket is not logged and they are not created as a user based on the domain they are emailing from. This is a basic feature that all service desks provide and one that is causing our service desk to miss tickets on a busy day. Its time consuming having to forward on the ticket, then several ...more »

Submitted by (@abdul.sobur)

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report for tickets open long time

It would be nice to be able to create a report for tickets that are open for longer than x time. For example, if there is a ticket that has been open for more than 6 months, it would be nice to have an easy way of configuring this. The current report options are a little lackluster and could use more robustness.

Submitted by (@jfarlow2005)

MSP Service Desk

Duplicate tickets being created during replies

A customer is emailing an issue and they are sending it to you directly and copying Which creates a ticket. You then reply to the customer and leave the copy in your email for which then creates a second ticket. HDM should be smart enough to read the subject line and understand that the reply is part of the original ticket and append to the ticket rather ...more »

Submitted by (@jimshu79)

MSP Service Desk

Service Desk: Improve customer feedback feature

For Service Desk ticketing product, customer has option to leave feedback when they receive a ticket update. Improve feature as follows:


1. Allow customer option to select if they want feedback to be anonymous, or not (presently it defaults to anonymous w/o option).

2. Allow admin to configure email notification for feedback, i.e. auto email to tech and/or tech's manager, etc.

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New Ticket requests ticket queue drop down issue

When configuring a Staff Agent to have access to specific Ticket Queues they can only see those queues. However, when Staff Agent goes to create a NEW ticket they can see ALL Ticket Queues from the drop down meaning the Staff Agent can assign the ticket to a Queue they do not have access to.

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)

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API Query posibility

I would like to make it possible to combine and filter data based on a query. For example receiving all information about:

- Client

- Site

- Device

- Device features

- Device backups

- Device virus


So i can determ my own columns and filters. Make it possible to load all colulmns and values instead of installed vs not-installed i would like to be able to see all other states like, failed, pending, etc.

Submitted by (@josjr87)