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Device Status Deep Link

We use Atlassian confluence for documentation it has a status checker by querying a multitude of sources can update the status of a documentation record to Maintenance, Down, Impaired, or Ok. We would like the ability to get a URL that would expose the status of any given device to a third party application, Ideally protected by an API key. something similar to the current status of the device in N-Central will work ...more »

Submitted by (@datagen24)

MSP N-central

Generalize LDAP to allow interface with more LDAP sources

I have been trying to link JumpCloud LDAP directory service with N-Central and engineering came back that the integration is not possible since JumpClound schema requires class=person while N-Central's schema requires class=user and person. There is a hard-coded filter of (&(objectClass=user)(objectClass=person)) in N-Central, while, in the case of JumpCloud, they are looking only for objectClass=person. It would be ...more »

Submitted by (@rcurtis)

MSP N-central

Search box in filters menu

We have 900 filters. It would be nice to have a search box where I could type in a word and it would show only filters containing those characters. Similar to how you can type in a device name under all devices and it will display the results. We have the drop down that lets you select "All Visible Filters" and such, but it would be far more useful to have search capabilities. Even the "Filter" button that is shown ...more »

Submitted by (@clayton.murphy)

MSP N-central

"Prompt and Countdown For" being designed over-complicated

The way to configure "Prompt and Countdown For" properly in reboot maintenance window settings is over-complicated, partner is hoping for this to be more simple to understand(current design is very complex and not having enough explanations in online help documentation). This is how it actually works(makes sense but not intuitive based on the UI design): "Prompt and Countdown For:" should be the same number or smaller ...more »

Submitted by (@bingyu.tian)

MSP N-central

API write back to allow 2-way sync with Warranty Master

While it is great that there is integration with Warranty Master at all, we would like the ability for Warranty Master to write back warranty status to either the built in warranty fields or custom fields. Warranty Master has a major update coming in August 2018 adding warranty status support for networking devices such as switches, firewalls, routers, and AP's. This will be a huge value add for our customers and having ...more »

Submitted by (@tim.rhymer)

MSP N-central

Red Flag for device

Please add the ability to 'Red Flag' a device that requires special handling. The Red Flag should be visible on that device regardless of the dashboard or device view. It should have its own note structure to inform the technician of any special instructions regarding that device. Eg. a server that should not be rebooted or altered during a blackout window, Or that the device is restricted access, or that the device ...more »

Submitted by (@rreid69)

MSP N-central

Automation Manager: FTP Errors, but ResultString stays empty

On the download ftp file object in Automation manager, if the result isn't 0, the ResultString stays empty. If you look into the logs, you have the error next to the name of te object. That is the whole point of having a ResultString output, to output the error message into this. I'm guessing this is by far the only object in Automation Manager that has this flaw. I would like to output this error to nCentral, but I do ...more »

Submitted by (@robbys)

MSP N-central

View Maintenance windows from All Devices

We already have an icon in the all devices view, but other than indicating there is at least one maintenance window applied, it tells us nothing. It would be really nice to have a hover over displaying the maintenance windows (in the same way you can hover over services to see failures) and really importantly, which maintenance windows are disabled.

Submitted by (@aerynkelly)