MSP Backup & Recovery

Support for Multi-tiered SharePoint configurations in MSP Backup

From our documentation:


"SQL databases for SharePoint must be located on the same SharePoint server that you want to back up. Multi-tier configuration isn't supported."


A number of users use a multi-tiered configuration; can support be implemented for these configurations with MSP Backup?

Submitted by (@nathan.bennett)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Backup and Recovery - Exceptions

Please allow for per device and per company configuration of "Files and Folders" Backup and Recovery to allow for adding file and folder exceptions in RMM/MSP RMM. At the present time "Files and Folders" will encounter errors with OneDrive/Sharepoint's Files-on-Demand feature which results in repeated backup failures and there is no way to rectify this issue. Adding a feature to exclude these and other problematic folders ...more »

Submitted by (@patrick.rifici)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Full support for Backup and Restore to KVM Hypervisor Targets

Raised on behalf of Fancit B.V. SolarWinds Backup doesn't currently support restoring directly to a KVM Hypervisor target; users must instead restore the device to a VHDX or VMDK via Virtual Disaster Recovery. In some cases (such as the rental of Virtual Private Servers), direct access may also not be available to the KVM Hypervisor platform; it would be of great help if Backup was still able to support restoration ...more »

Submitted by (@nathan.bennett)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Allow setting performance limits within backup profiles

Currently, it is possible to script installation of backup software via the "Automatic Deployment" option, but if there are many PCs being installed at once, the initial backup may saturate the upload bandwidth for an unacceptable amount of time. Adding an option to set & schedule performance limits for devices using a given backup profile would allow for greater usage of the "Automatic Deployment" option for large ...more »

Submitted by (@tyler.helwig)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Document Backup should also backup Open Document Template files

When looking at the list of files that is backed up as part of the document backup, Microsoft Office template files are included but the Open Document standard equivalent template files are not. To be more specific, the .OTT, .OTS, .OTG, and .OTP file extensions should be added. Shows the current backed up file type for document backup: ...more »

Submitted by (@alphageek)