MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

If a scan is missed, run on next start after X minute(s).

Managed Antivirus BitDefender poilcy:

Settings: "If a scan is missed, run on next start after X minute(s)"

The option to choose whether this should be for both "Deep Scan" and "Quick Scan".

If a "Deep Scan" is missed in the weeend, it's not necessarily smart to start the Monday morning with a "Deep Scan"

As it is now it seems to perform the latest missed backup type.

Submitted by (@johnjorgensen)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Individual restore of MySQL databases

We are looking for a working solution for individual restore of MySQL databases and it is not a solution to restore a whole database server and then a single database.


We have a working an other solution there makes a .sql file end then backs all the .sql files up.


Would it be possible through MSP Backup or would it the MySQL backup solution not be developed further ?

Submitted by (@johnjorgensen)