MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Agent initial scan improvement

Currently the initial scan does add service checks for some specific services and that's it. I am certain it would make much more sense to add all services with "automatic" start type to the list of monitored services for the automatic detection. For instance if the server is running multiple MS SQL instances, none of them is automatically being added to the monitored services while I am certain this is something worth ...more »

Submitted by (@mstein)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Provide real time audit logs for the MSP RMM Application

Currently the closest thing you can get within MSP RMM is manually run custom report for user activity, but given this system allows someone remote access into systems, that information needs to be tracked in real time or at the very least a report automatically created daily/weekly etc. Auditors are seeing this as a significant security audit finding. Any product providing remote access into systems should have standardized ...more »

Submitted by (@gforsland)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Active Discovery - Connection alerts

Hello, It would be really handy to trigger some alerts when using Active Discovery: Here are some examples: 1/ The ability to set an alert when a given MAC address is connected to a mananged network 2/ The ability to get an alert each time a new device is connected to the managed network, or the first time it is connected These alerts would be SMS/Emails, and/or a visual warning within the dashboard. (just like a monitoring ...more »

Submitted by (@hotline)