MSP N-central

Allow Remote Printing From RDP Through N-Central

Allow remote printing when using RDP through N-Central.


Similar to the way it is done through normal RDP sessions.


We have several users who use RDP through N-Central and would like the ability to print to their local printers.


I am aware that MSP Connect has a remote printing option now however due to usability and clarity some of our users prefer RDP connections.

Submitted by (@brett401)

MSP N-central

Allow lower level users to edit filters created by higher level

An SO Level account may need to create and share a filter to lower levels, they may also need to have those lower level accounts adjust the filter. This isn't currently possible as equivalent or higher accounts can edit the filter.


To overcome this, the SO level account would need to make a lower level account which is equal to the customer level account for them to be able to edit the filter.

Submitted by (@charles.hammersley)