MSP N-central

Ability to alert on Outdated Agents

Have the ability to configure and send notifications based on the last time an agent has communicated with the NCentral server. The purpose would be to review this on a monthly basis and connect with clients about devices that are offline to help keep NCentral more organized.


I know there are filters and dashboards that can be created, but the ability to generate a PSA ticket would also be nice.

Submitted by (@mschmit)

MSP N-central

Patch Management Notifications

I think we need to be able to configure notifications for end users to alert them that Patch Management will proceed on a given day. It will serve as a reminder to leave their PCs on as well as to save their work - might be worth making the notification itself customisable in the content. Currently, I've found two ways to notify users. One is through the patch profile but it will only alert users if a reboot is required. ...more »

Submitted by (@sabir.ahmed)

MSP Manager

Enhanced info in email notification templates

In MSP Manager, Settings -> Templates -> Notification Templates -> When a ticket gets marked complete -> Email template.. It would be great if it were possible to add enhanced details in the sent email with e.g. Add last "time entry" details, like what user, description of work and time was spent on the case just before it was closeda and completed. I know there is an expand button in the upper right corner when modifying ...more »

Submitted by (@oscarholst)

MSP N-central

"Failure to Create Ticket" Alert Emails to include details

I feel really stupid having to request this, but SolarWinds won't do anything without it. Whilst patching our PSA recently and facing outages, we have found that depending on the type of PSA issue you are facing (eg connectivity, backend sql problem), the failure notice you receive from a ticket not being created/updated will always include details of the customer and notification recipient, but for some inexplicable ...more »

Submitted by (@prejay)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Custom Alert Routing icon or notification

We have alert routing on certain checks that are different to the parent, which works great.

However, I would like to e able to see at a glance which alerts have this none inherit alert routing setup.

I'm thinking an additional column in the bottom navigation frame - example attached.

Submitted by (@michael.cobden)

MSP N-central

Active Notifications highlighting

Under Configuration - Monitoring - Notifications, there are about 40 different notifications that i can choose from on each customer, we use about 4-10 different Notifications on each customer. I'm missing an opportunity where I can see the Notifications types that are active, at the customer on the Notifications page, so I donĀ“t have to open 40 different Notifications on each customer to find the mails to be edited. ...more »

Submitted by (@ckpe69)

MSP Manager

Acknowledge notifications

I've set the threshold to 30 days for the notification "When an expiry item will expire soon". I receive an email everyday for the next 30 days following the threshold. I'd like a way to acknowledge this notification so I don't receive it anymore. For example, a service item will expire and we'll create a new service item for the new contract, I don't have to receive a notification everyday telling me it will expire and ...more »

Submitted by (@mafavreau)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

B&R - add client/site/device to subject

Hey there, currently when you enable backup reports for Managed Online Backup / Backup & Recovery, you get mails which return machine and device name, which is info that you cannot work with, considering there are many similar devices with a similar name. It would be easier to identify and assign the report to a device in your dashboard if you received info from which device (client/site/device) this report originates, ...more »

Submitted by (@j.reschke)

MSP N-central

Hierarchical Notification Windows

I would like to be able to apply a "notification window" to a device, site and/or company directly or via a rule. The most specific setting wins. This will provide the ability to set up simplified notifications so that administrators don't need to take into account all the possible permutations of service levels for notifications. They simply say, "I want to be notified about X when it is important to the customer/site/device." ...more »

Submitted by (@cwidhelm)