MSP Backup & Recovery

Backup Manager not just accesible from localhost

Hello. In BM 18.6, has been forbidden the access from other places than localhost. In case of "No graphic interface" on Linux, that makes mandatory to access by Web CMC method, to establish in a browser the copy. That make not possible to make the scripts. Something that can be useful to avoid that, is you can set a variable in the config.ini file where you can write a unique IP or host. By default, or if not set, ...more »


MSP Backup & Recovery

Custom Collumn in Recovery Console

Currently the way Backup Accounts are automatically named in RMM Backup & Recovery, it is tedious to figure out which registered account is assigned to which device in the dashboard.

If there is no direct sync of device names to backup account names, a possible workaound would be a user defined field, which we could manually populate with information, such as Client / Site and Device Name.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

debug logging enabled by default for integrated RMM backup clien

It is clear as day every time that without debug logging enabled, pulling logs for integrated RMM backup clients is next to useless because they provide no info. SInce debug logging needs to be enabled to gain any knowledge of anything, why can't it be enabled by default?


MSP Backup & Recovery

Allow backup profiles to exclude weekends

Raised on behalf of BIOS Middle East: Backup profiles don't currently allow for the selection of days of the week to run the backup; as a result, there's no intuitive way to exclude certain days of the week as per customer preference (for example, weekends). While there's a known workaround which involves creating a "work week" of the whole of Saturday and Sunday, this is counter-intuitive, and can also only be used ...more »


MSP Backup & Recovery

Stop requesting credentials on remote port 5000 connections

Prior to version 18.6, the Backup Manager supported LAN connections to port 5000 on other devices to view that device's Backup Manager, provided that the device's Backup credentials were entered. Since 18.6, users are still challenged for credentials despite the fact that, even if they enter the correct credentials, the user is then told they can no longer connect for security purposes. Removing this challenge altogether ...more »