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Raspberry Pi Probe for client sites

So the probe is great when your client has a machine that's on 24 x 7 (such as a server as opposed to a workstation) but with many clients going to completely cloud-based environments, it can become a bit more difficult to dedicate resources to a probe machine. raspberry pi units all in including storage cost around $60-$70, and are perfect to act as a probe unit that can be put at a customer site in a network room, ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@accentlogic)

Automatically detect Antivirus products and add checks

Currently competing AV products are only detected when Managed Antivirus is installed. Please add a check or task that will scan a workstation for any AV product and add it to the list of checks. This needs to happen at initial install (it may already) but it also needs to be available on demand. Also, allow the check to FAIL if any competing AV product is found, even if the product is up to date. One reason this ...more »


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GFI Cloud - CryptoLocker

We had a close call with CryptoLocker yesterday, as mentioned in the news lately. The threat is opened by the client via email. : Should GFI Cloud be able to prevent this ransomware? And stop it, or at least detect it? Or is there another product we should have to assist in threats like this? ...more »