MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Device Audit Report

If this exists somewhere, I'm not aware, but I would like a Device Audit Report.


This would have similar function and implementation as the User Audit Report, but would let you filter down to a single device and then see a single audit trail for every event on that device. Automated tasks, AV scans, patches, dashboard user activities & notes, reboots, etc.


MSP N-central

Raspberry Pi Probe for client sites

So the probe is great when your client has a machine that's on 24 x 7 (such as a server as opposed to a workstation) but with many clients going to completely cloud-based environments, it can become a bit more difficult to dedicate resources to a probe machine. raspberry pi units all in including storage cost around $60-$70, and are perfect to act as a probe unit that can be put at a customer site in a network room, ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Apply template to offline devices and act like a Domain OU

Currently its not possible to apply a monitoring template to offline devices. This makes more work for a sysadmin. Support chat says, the device needs to be online. Me request is that each time we edit a template. its gets a verison number automaticly, and if the device comes online it needs to check which version it has. When the new template with a higher version number is detected. It should apply the new template. ...more »


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MSP N-central

Bring back the ability to Merge Devices

A long time ago, N-Able thought they had fixed the reason duplicate devices were being created and decided to remove the ability to merge devices.

They did not (especially when sites were introduced and re-installs occur using the wrong id), so we've still been seeing duplicate devices being created ever since.

Please bring back th eoption to merge!!!


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MSP N-central

Ping multiple addresses

It would be nice to have a ping originate from the probe as well as from the Central Server.


There would only be one ping that would be used to determine "connectivity", however this way, the system could test to see if a firewall, or other edge network device, was LAN reachable as well as WAN reachable.


MSP N-central

Ability to Update Asset Info from All Devices "Add Task"

The Add Task drop down menu in the device details page has the update asset info option but the Add Task menu from the All Devices view does not. sometimes we need to update asset info on multiple devices and it would be nice to do a mass push of this task instead of having to click into each device and set it up.


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Checkbox for hiding offline devices

Is it possible to create a checkbox to have the option to hide and show offline devices?


Daily i need to check a lot of workstations, because there are always a couple workstations offline for a couple of days and longer the checks in the monitoring stays red and does not show an actual and reliable state.


I would love to see a checkbox (as shown in the example).


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MSP Backup & Recovery

Limit number of Devices that End Customer can Add

Would be great to limit the number of devices that a client can create with own username. If I sell 10 license (agent based) to a client, the client can manage his installations with a limit of a number of devices I've set. If a client exceeds the number of devices that can be various ways: 1. client receive an email that alert him to buy more licenses 2. admin receive an email alert 3. admin on cmc web view an alert ...more »