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Patches Installed with Errors, cannot find KB number

I've ran into this a few times, please reference your KB000034502 https://support.solarwindsmsp.com/kb/solarwinds_n-central/Patch-Status-shows-Patches-Installed-with-Errors Patch Status indicates some Patches have installed with Errors. Only way to correct is to re-install the updates so the errors clear. Alternatively if you believe patch is correctly installed, you can DECLINE and have it removed from reporting. Me ...more »


MSP Backup & Recovery

Reports and status checks for Local Speed Vaults

The Local Speed vault needs to have some reporting or alerting available in order to manage space, alert on failed writes to devices, etc. In many cases, this service will be used outside of RMM and the ability for the backup provider to discover hardware issues. So it is imperitive that local speed vaults be checked for consistency, compared against cloud storage and reported on separately from the online storage status. ...more »


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