MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Backup and Recovery - Exceptions

Please allow for per device and per company configuration of "Files and Folders" Backup and Recovery to allow for adding file and folder exceptions in RMM/MSP RMM. At the present time "Files and Folders" will encounter errors with OneDrive/Sharepoint's Files-on-Demand feature which results in repeated backup failures and there is no way to rectify this issue. Adding a feature to exclude these and other problematic folders ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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MAV Protection Policy Design Hinders MSP Profitability

Managing MAV Scanning Exceptions is too time-consuming because there is a 1:1 relationship between MAV Protection Policies (MAV PPs) and the Scanning Exceptions. The concept of exceptions should be separated from other settings in the MAV PPs. MAV PPs and scanning exceptions often have different scopes. For example, all workstations at a client may need to run a scheduled scan at 5:00 AM, but the Engineering workstations ...more »