MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@j.suckow)

Track Download of Branding Files

Currenlty Systray and Agent can be branded locally. Both download the images and then extract them locally. There is currently NO way of verifying that this Custom MSP Branding is displayed on the local machine. The only way is to remote onto the machine and open the agent / look at the Tray icon Please add a flag in the Dashboard for the Branding - so that we see an "active" when the images are downloaded and implemented ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@rreid69)

Red Flag for device

Please add the ability to 'Red Flag' a device that requires special handling. The Red Flag should be visible on that device regardless of the dashboard or device view. It should have its own note structure to inform the technician of any special instructions regarding that device. Eg. a server that should not be rebooted or altered during a blackout window, Or that the device is restricted access, or that the device ...more »