MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

More Information on Blocked Sites in Web Protection

When a URL or IP address is blocked by Web Protection, I would like it to show more information on the local device so a better decision can be made regarding whitelisting the site. An example of information included would be if an IP address is registered to a company, i.e. Google, DropBox, etc. I would like that information to be displayed in the block recorded in the taskbar on the local device, and when searching ...more »


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MSP Manager

Contact Mobile Phone Number on Hover

Within MSP Manager while looking at the ticket information you can hover over a contact associated with the ticket but the phone field shows blank if you only have a Mobile Phone number associated with a contact. Can this be resolved so that the mobile phone number shows if there is no 'main phone' number for a contact?


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Show All Pending Actions of Every Type

If I make a request that a system do ANYTHING - Install Patches (now or later), run a Vulnerability Check, run a scan, update the agent - I mean ANYTHING that can be asked of or on behalf of a system(s) - it should appear in Pending Actions for that system(s) until the request is completed. This seems so basic I shouldn't have to ask for it - how else can far-flung stake holders know what's going on with a system at any ...more »

MSP Service Desk

Easily see what type of SLA the customer has when new ticket

When you are creating a new ticket from within the board you choose Organisation as the first field. However, today you depend on a separate document to know what type of SLA the customer has (SLA1, SLA2 etc). There should be a way to easily see more information about the customer when creating a new ticket. You could for instance show an overlay of the Notes field when you mouse over the organisation field after choosing ...more »


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Configurable Network View Information

Please provide configurable network view information. For example, a column could be added to show how many patch are missing, failed, etc, or how many systems have scanned in the last 24 hours. These would help administrators have an overview of the systems they manage, and then allow them to select a specific system to review specific information, and mitigate results.

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Support Contact In Enterprise Account

Hi together, normally, you`ll find the contact data of the distributor if you look under Help -> About in the dashboard. But if you have an enterprise dashboard for one of you partners, it would be GREAT to see the contact information of the reseller. Because most of the time this enterprise partner is an consumer/end customer and don`t need to see any information about the distribution...especially if the reseller ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

delete multiple devices simultaneously instead individually

i have a need to delete multiple devices such workstations and servers due to clients removing, replacing, and reimaging devices without telling me. currently the only way to delete devices is to individually select each one by one. however i find this method not efficient. i would like to see an option to select muliple devices for deletion. basically a select all and a single click delete button for those devices. ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Add more info for "Hacker" check rather than just # of attempts

I notice that the DSC hacker check is able to report on the number of attempts that have occurred over the past 24 hours. However, it would be nice that the hacker check would show a summary of what user name(s) caused the authentication or login failure and associate that account with the number of attempted failures Also, it would be nice to see what time the failures have occured during the day. This would be ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

daily backup check additional information required

in addition to the daily safety check, it would be nice to see the complete backup results of a job, even if the job completed successfully, rather than just see complete.


likewise if the job had failed or is incomplete, it would be nice to see the results of the job, such as why the job failed or is incomplete, such as no media available, or specific users files are open


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