MSP N-central

Ability to alert on Outdated Agents

Have the ability to configure and send notifications based on the last time an agent has communicated with the NCentral server. The purpose would be to review this on a monthly basis and connect with clients about devices that are offline to help keep NCentral more organized.


I know there are filters and dashboards that can be created, but the ability to generate a PSA ticket would also be nice.

Submitted by (@mschmit)

MSP N-central

Recent Ticket Data Limit – 3 Days is too short

Recent Ticket Data Limit – 3 Days is too short With NCentral integrated with ConnectWise, the NCentral “Create Ticket” options are available for a device. Tickets created via NCentral will then show up in the “Recent Tickets” list for that device. However, these tickets shall only appear for three (3) days. A ticket not updated for three days will be removed from the list and placed back if updated. Three days is not ...more »

Submitted by (@dobrien)

MSP N-central

Discovery job import to specific site

I'd like the ability to use 1 probe with multiple discovery jobs where each job would import the discovered assets into a specific site in N-Central. This would help with having the assets show up in the correct site in CW configurations and ensure that technicians can quickly see all devices in a specific site without going through any additional steps. Currently discovery jobs want a probe per site in N-Central which ...more »

Submitted by (@zane00)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

GFI MAX - Teamviewer Integration Password Issue

If TeamViewer Host is already installed on a machine and contains a static password for example for a third party administrator, it is not possible to connect to the machine over the dashboard. This is caused by the GFIMAX password placed as second or third password in the TeamViewer host password management and the agent fails to complete the integration or to identify the GFIMAX password.

Submitted by (@pcchagels)

MSP N-central

Modify field mappings between N-Central and Autotask devices

For each device in N-Central, OSInfo and OSType are written to the Notes field in the corresponding Autotask configuration item. I'd like the ability to disable this. We'd like to put our own notes for each device in Autotask, but N-Central overwrites them with each sync. The device notes field also syncs with ITGlue so those notes are overwritten as well.

Submitted by (@joesheehan)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Link to Open Configuration from IT Glue

Currently we have our Autotask PSA integrated with the Solarwinds RMM. We can open tickets and view tickets created from the failed check outages without having to manually search in Autotask. We need the same ability to open the link to the configuration in IT Glue. Special notes for devices should be saved in our documentation source, i.e. IT Glue, but without this, getting everyone to manually find the computer in ...more »

Submitted by (@tyler.h)

MSP N-central

PSA - Support for ConnectWise Merge(d) Tickets

ConnectWise introduced the ability to merge tickets back in July 2016. After trying to verify compatibility with N-Central at the time, we learnt that merged tickets were not supported through N-Central as the associated ticket numbers wouldn't track back correctly after the merge takes place. I assumed that this would mean N-central would talk to ConnectWise about it, but it looks like that never happened or talks halted ...more »

Submitted by (@prejay)

MSP N-central

"Failure to Create Ticket" Alert Emails to include details

I feel really stupid having to request this, but SolarWinds won't do anything without it. Whilst patching our PSA recently and facing outages, we have found that depending on the type of PSA issue you are facing (eg connectivity, backend sql problem), the failure notice you receive from a ticket not being created/updated will always include details of the customer and notification recipient, but for some inexplicable ...more »

Submitted by (@prejay)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

More complete ConnectWise integration

ConnectWise and SolarWinds DO sync endpoint quantities. The issue is that the the actual additions are left under the company in one large bucket. They are not parsed per Agreement Addition. This must be done manually by clicking the checkbox. Issues is that as machines are added and replaced, this becomes cumbersome to do manually and also there is no good way to know to actually DO this. This means, the only way ...more »

Submitted by (@miznunkey)