MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

More Information on Blocked Sites in Web Protection

When a URL or IP address is blocked by Web Protection, I would like it to show more information on the local device so a better decision can be made regarding whitelisting the site. An example of information included would be if an IP address is registered to a company, i.e. Google, DropBox, etc. I would like that information to be displayed in the block recorded in the taskbar on the local device, and when searching ...more »


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MSP N-central

Remote Access URI Changed to Second IP

Remote access URI is used as a second IP for remote connectivity currently, if we can change it to a second IP then monitoring as well as remote connectivity can be done through this. I would like this as a feature since we monitor SonicWall devices on our N-Central server and we need to monitor if the interfaces go down. If one interface goes down then we cannot monitor the SonicWall via that IP, and that is why we need ...more »


MSP N-central

Better Security on Web Interface

It appears that there is no way to separate (different IP Address or Port) "Agent Data" from "WebGUI Management". Because of the high risk a compromised N-Central server poses to all of us and our clients there should be a simple way to isolate the WebGUI Management interface while maintaining the ability to collect Agent data across the Internet.

MSP N-central

Separate FQDN and IP Address

What: Separate FQDN and IP address into separate fields from the Network Address field. Why: Because I want to be able to see both at the same time from the All Devices tab, export the All Devices tab easily and we frequently need both. I don't particularly need the Discovered Name to be as prominent because if the PC name changes, this field because kinda useless. Who will benefit: My support desk, senior engineers ...more »


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