MSP Manager

More Choices

It would be a great feature if there were more choices in reports, expirations, and service items. Sometimes without a lot of choices the reports and what-not are very limiting while trying to figure out the information I am looking for. As the Billing Manager, I have to run a lot of reports, and it would be great to see more options.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

More Information on Blocked Sites in Web Protection

When a URL or IP address is blocked by Web Protection, I would like it to show more information on the local device so a better decision can be made regarding whitelisting the site. An example of information included would be if an IP address is registered to a company, i.e. Google, DropBox, etc. I would like that information to be displayed in the block recorded in the taskbar on the local device, and when searching ...more »


12 votes

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Create a Site Installation Package that contains ALL components

For larger environments, it would be much more efficient to be able to create a Site Installation Package that contained the installation files for all of the components - not just the Agent. The package could be put in a network share and all systems could run the setup from the local share. That would save all of the time spent waiting for the components to download and install on the individual systems. It would also ...more »


39 votes