MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Copy Networks Tab Text

In RMM's Networks tab's south pane, devices are listed. It's currently impossible to copy hostnames, IPs, MAC addresses, etc from the list of devices for pasting elsewhere. Other device listings such as the Servers or Workstations tab allow copying hostnames and other text. The Networks tab is much less useful since users can't copy text that appears there. Adding the ability to copy text from these fields would ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Visual Indicator Patchmanagement active

Hey guys,


Currently we are missing a visual indicator showing Patchmanagement is active on the device in the north pane.

Since most other features, such as MAV, B&R or Web Protection do indeed show the green dot (or yellow / red respectively) which indicates the feature is active and installed, there is no such thing for patch management in the current dashboard.


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