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Patches Installed with Errors, cannot find KB number

I've ran into this a few times, please reference your KB000034502 https://support.solarwindsmsp.com/kb/solarwinds_n-central/Patch-Status-shows-Patches-Installed-with-Errors Patch Status indicates some Patches have installed with Errors. Only way to correct is to re-install the updates so the errors clear. Alternatively if you believe patch is correctly installed, you can DECLINE and have it removed from reporting. Me ...more »


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PatchStatusv2 to give indication of when patch became available

please setup Patch Status v2 to give us an indication of when a patch became available to a machine


let this indication show up in the service details portion of notificaions


I would hope that if a patch was released 3 years ago but wasn't available to a machine until yetserday that it would count yesterday as the approval date, but this would give us another way to verify that.


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Create Workstations Filters Based on Patch Status

It would greatly enhance managing PM if we could create workstation filters based on patch status. In the days following a big patch release I am very interested in identifying workstations with patches in Pending status as they may be having issues. I have multiple workstations at several clients that are rarely used and usually offline. To reduce clutter, I usually invoke a Workstation Filter to see only online workstations. ...more »


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Stop patch downloads to Agent Patch Cache if insufficient space

I have noticed that when a patch is set to "Approved for Install", the target device agent will download the patches even if that means it will use up almost all space on the C drive. i.e. a Device has 5 GB of patches to download and only has 5.5 GB free space on the C drive. The Agent will download all the patches leaving only 500 MB of space on the C drive. This could cause issues with services running on that device. ...more »


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Improvements patch mngt

Right now there is no good or easy distinction between missing patches which are approved and failed installations of the approved patches. Besides that the monitoring has a constant failed patch status, due to limitations in the service templates and thresholds. Besides that. If we approved patches, the patch status changes directly to failed. This is because the approved patch are (still) missing. This is true but not ...more »


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