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Granular Permissions for Reporting

You shouldn't need to allow a user to have access to manage Patch Management just so that they can see reports on patching.

I want Account Managers to have access to Reports but don't want them to be able to change configuration/approvals etc.


I'd like the ability to access all reports without having admin access to all the sections (Patch Mgmt, AV Status, Backup Manager etc)

Submitted by (@madelineoryx)

MSP N-central

More granular user permissions

The whole user roles and permissions system should be revamped. We'd like to be able to customize more the roles for our users. As an example, we'd like to prevent a user from switching the monitored services on or off in Direct Support (Tools > Services) We'd like to give him access to the services but as a read only mode, or even customize him to be able to restart a service, and to be able to customize if the user ...more »

Submitted by (@joao.amaral)

MSP N-central

Dynamic CDP Classifications

I think this should be discussed now and considered so we don't have to wait another year+ to use this described functionality after the CDP>AM/AMP integration is complete. When CDPs are able to be used and set by AMPs, this would allow for better use of CDPs. The idea would be to allow us to create different classifications or groups of CDPs and dictate the permissions to each classification independently of each other. ...more »

Submitted by (@tyrellm)

MSP N-central

More granular permissions for User Management

There should be a way to manage users permissions on a more granular level in regards to User Management. Currently the permission levels are not by Customer Level. This is preventing us from having our technicians have access to the user management to create user accounts for remote access on the customer level. If we give them the manage access for user management, then they can also manage other co-worker technicians ...more »

Submitted by (@seanbizcompass)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Check Clearing - more granular permissions needed

The permissing "Monitoring & Management -> 24x7 & Daily Safety Checks -> Usage" controles wether a user can clear checks or not. It would be very handy, to have a more granular permisson regarding it. I want to prohibit "Keep check cleared until it passes", only the other options should be allowed ("Keep check cleared until next time it runs", "Keep check cleared until (date|time)")

Submitted by (@christoph)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Dashboard Client Access to ONLY Asset Tracking

As a Managed Service Provider to 50+ small to medium size companies, some of our clients would like to see their inventory of devices and software. We would like to leverage the Asset Tracking portion of the dashboard, but are unable to configure permissions to show ONLY Asset Tracking. We don't want our clients to see the routine checks on their servers and workstation.


Thank you,


Jose Mendez

Submitted by (@j.mendez)

MSP Service Desk

Make agent permissions for tickets more granular

It is critical that we give on-site technicians who do not work directly for us the ability to manage the tickets. This would give them the ability to review the tickets, update users, move these tickets to different queues, etc. However, because they do not work for us we don't want them to have full access to the cost items added to a ticket, internal notes, time entries, etc. Unfortunately, at this time, this is ...more »

Submitted by (@djones)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Give access to specific policies

In MAV, MDM, Web Filtering and others, it will be a great idea of we can set permissions to each policy per customer.


Usage case: If customers A, B and C have MDM policies set on the dashboard and Customer B has asked for full control of their own MDM environment, I DON'T want them having access to the MDM policies for customers A and C for obvious reasons.

Submitted by (@markscottuk)