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Ability to install probe via an automation or even a checkbox

In Connectwise Automate, you could easily change a probe and install from the console. With N-Central, well it's just not that simple, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like it to be! Oftentimes, we have probes go out of commission at a location and need to run a new probe on the network, but don't want to disturb the client to do the install. Even just a silent install with defaults would be nice that ...more »

Submitted by (@bperkins)

MSP N-central

Raspberry Pi Probe for client sites

So the probe is great when your client has a machine that's on 24 x 7 (such as a server as opposed to a workstation) but with many clients going to completely cloud-based environments, it can become a bit more difficult to dedicate resources to a probe machine. raspberry pi units all in including storage cost around $60-$70, and are perfect to act as a probe unit that can be put at a customer site in a network room, ...more »

Submitted by (@cubexg)

MSP N-central

bulk reassign probe on devices

The ability to bulk reassign the probe was needed when the VM which held the probe onsite failed. I had to manually mouse click through all 131 devices to have them use the new probe. You can select all devices from the 'All Devices' view and click on 'Assign Probe'. When you need to do this for 10 or so devices that's not a problem, but this many is undo able. And using the keyboard to script key presses doesn't work ...more »

Submitted by (@sebastiaan)

MSP N-central

SO level probe

Allow me to install a probe at the SO level that I can assign to different customers, similar to how the Customer level probe can be assigned to sites. This will allow me to better make use of resources for checks from different geographical regions. I can simply spin up a single probe VM for each geographical region and share it with multiple customers. I also have a problem right now with smaller customers that only ...more »

Submitted by (@brollins)

MSP N-central

Presales audit tool.

Would like to have a discovery tool with generic reports to help promote sales. 1) I would love to see a tool that can be loaded on a laptop that can be used to do a complete audit of a network. 2) it needs to collect machine hardware information, warranty start and finish dates. 3) analyze anti-malware products installed and expiration dates 4)report to clearly define the n-able licenses need to support the discovered ...more »

Submitted by (@fortastor)