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More granular user permissions

The whole user roles and permissions system should be revamped. We'd like to be able to customize more the roles for our users. As an example, we'd like to prevent a user from switching the monitored services on or off in Direct Support (Tools > Services) We'd like to give him access to the services but as a read only mode, or even customize him to be able to restart a service, and to be able to customize if the user ...more »

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MSP N-central

Dynamic CDP Classifications

I think this should be discussed now and considered so we don't have to wait another year+ to use this described functionality after the CDP>AM/AMP integration is complete. When CDPs are able to be used and set by AMPs, this would allow for better use of CDPs. The idea would be to allow us to create different classifications or groups of CDPs and dictate the permissions to each classification independently of each other. ...more »

Submitted by (@tyrellm)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Check Clearing - more granular permissions needed

The permissing "Monitoring & Management -> 24x7 & Daily Safety Checks -> Usage" controles wether a user can clear checks or not. It would be very handy, to have a more granular permisson regarding it. I want to prohibit "Keep check cleared until it passes", only the other options should be allowed ("Keep check cleared until next time it runs", "Keep check cleared until (date|time)")

Submitted by (@christoph)

MSP Service Desk

Roles and Permissions Enhancements and Notes in SD

1. Allow a subset of technicians who would be unable to see the time spent on a ticket: a. We want to share PSA with a client’s IT personnel; who would open tickets, work on them; close tickets or assign to MSP for resolution b. That subset would not be able to see the time spent on the ticket or the charges incurred 2. Is there a feature that exists would share notes on the tickets with MSP ...more »

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Glitch allows client to see all Clients on daily critical report

A customer I setup is receiving every client's critical report email as if they were an admin for my company. I created a user for the customer. I assigned the user to a custom role based on "Client" profile that I created. I assigned the user to a group with only his company in that group. Yet every morning his reports showed all the clients we manage. I spoke to Logicnow support and they told me that I need to ...more »

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

User Roles and permissions assets not "client - specific"

With the new User Roles and Permissions I can allow access to Asset tracking and "Device Inventory"


This gives clients access to all asset tracking for all clients.

Device Inventory allows a inventory for "all clients"


That is not what we want, we expected granularity here as well: only information about the clients in the client group should be available.

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