MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Script testing via advanced monitoring agent

I often have trouble getting powershell and other scripts to work via automated tasks. I can run them directly on the server or workstation and they work just fine, but then I run into trouble when running it as a task. The frustration is that it takes a while to run the tasks through the dashboard, so you end up running and waiting. Then it errors out so you come back to it, modify your script or config, run it again... ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Run DSC on selected days of the week

I have a few script checks that checks file dates in certain folders to ensure that certain file copy and backup jobs are successful, however these only run Mon-Fri, so therefore my DSC reports an failure on the weekend as it runs every day. Would be nice to select which days of the week a particular DSC would run on. Currently I have a work-around by performing a DatePart in my script and returning success if day of ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@asimpson)

Need Utility Files upload folder and "sync" to client folder

We can already upload custom "Scripts" then assign that script to a client & it gets downloaded to the "scripts" folder under Advanced Monitoring Agent folder. Great. BUT... ALL VARS DESPARATELY NEED.. the ability to upload a set of commonly used utility files to a UTILITY LIBRARY (perhaps 2-4GB of total space). These would generally be executable files but could be data files. We would like to then have a Builtin ...more »