MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Customer Support Portal Single Sign On

I would like to be able to use the same credentials to login to the Customer Support Portal that are used to login to RMM, Take Control Plus, MSP Manager, Backup and Recovery, etc.


SSO has been implemented on these products, and I would like this to be implemented into the Customer Support Portal so I can use a single set of credentials for all SolarWinds Products and Customer Support.


MSP Service Desk

Bring Back Expanded Description Box in Chrome Support Portal

The description box and comment box when submitting a case to Solarwinds used to be expandable (Exactly like this description box can be in ideascale). You could grab the corner and expand the box making it easier to edit your descriptions and copy or paste error messages. The symbol is still in the corner of the text box however when you click to drag on it nothing changes. If you attempt to create a new idea here you ...more »


MSP N-central

Full Customer/Site Support in N-Central & Report Manager

After introducing partial support for sites into n-central quite some time ago, support for customers/sites was removed or never actually added in filter previews and reports.

I am told that for a report or filter to include the customer/site instead of just a device name, a feature request needs to be created because Solarwinds consider this to be by design.


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MSP N-central

Web Interface Traing inside N-Central.

Okay we look at the reviews on SolarwindsMSP (NCentral) and everyone know (Lack of) support is a problem. To help correct this would be add training video links in N-Central interface, that clearly defines the procedures. Also, a new user training option for new techs, that allow a nun-disruptive training simulation interface/login. I want techs to be able to use the software with simulated clients, that are not ...more »


MSP N-central

Support services and Ideas responce.

Add a in software feature request option (to ideas, tickets or something), inside N-Central. Make sure they are managed by the Administrator of MSP/Customer, but allow techs that use the product to submit feature requests and bug reporting from within N-Central. You should be able to gather more information about the issue at this point. Am I wasting my time entering these? How can we better promote these ideas. ...more »


MSP N-central

Make support portal remember your page

When browsing through cases on the support portal, if i click into a case read it, then go back out to the list of cases, it doesn't remember that I was looking at "all open cases" or "my closed cases" etc, OR which page within that list I was previously at. There should be a way to easily get back to page I was on before clicking on a case.


MSP N-central

better options for N-Central case categories in the support/case

for example this morning i had to submit case 846328 for an error that was popping up randomly across n-central - it didn't matter what page we were on, what we were or (in most cases weren't) clicking on. This scenario didn't fit in any of the categories available. Either there needs to be more/better categories or we need an other category when encountering something of this nature.