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Hide list of Recipients when Scheduling Reports

We want to give Customers access to create and schedule Reports that they want, however we need to either Hide the Recipient list or restrict it so that a user only sees Recipients at their level or below (i.e. a user created at a Customer level would only see Customer and Site Users) Submitting this at the recommendation of SW Support re: Case #01174477 "Please submit your request to the Product Manager at ...more »

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Submitted by (@fortastor)

Password Proxy Services

Would like to add password proxy services.As an admin/operator I would like to put access passwords to devices like switches, routers, firewalls, and other devices. Must connect with services like SSH, Telnet, RDP, Web, etc... Then have the Agent/Representative just click to connet without putting a password in. This will help maintain the security and password integrety of devices that are typically not changed often ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@renedejong)

webprotection whitelist editable by dashboard user

It would be nice if there is an option so that the dashboard user can also customize his own whitelist. At this moment i can set the permission in "Roles and Permissions", but the user can then edit all my webprotection policies of all my customers and that is soemthing i don't want.


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MSP Service Desk

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Fix 'Edit User' form in Customer

This is broken. I've submitted a ticket and got nowhere. If you open a user from Customers and try to change the name or password, you get an error "A user with this email already exists". Admins can edit users by manually finding them in Settings/General Settings/Users, but this is much more tedious to locate them, and only users with admin rights can access 'Settings'. Please fix.