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Global modification of 24x7 & DSC check-in interval required

currently if i want to change the 24x7 frequency check interval or DSC run time for multiple devices, i have click on each individual workstation or server and make the modification manually. this is ideal for working on on few devices at a time, but currently i have a need to change over 190 workstations 24x7 frequency intervals, but find the manual method will take too long. there should be a global or group option ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Alert via email when managed online backup (MOB) job fails

Managed Online Backup (MOB) as a solution that gives businesses the option to backup their data offsite which we know is very critical. This is why when a scheduled backup fails it MUST send alert stating the backup failed and not wait until the daily safety check (DSC) runs. We offer a completed managed backup solution to our customers with another provider and when a backup fails we are looking into the issue immediately. ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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daily backup check additional information required

in addition to the daily safety check, it would be nice to see the complete backup results of a job, even if the job completed successfully, rather than just see complete.


likewise if the job had failed or is incomplete, it would be nice to see the results of the job, such as why the job failed or is incomplete, such as no media available, or specific users files are open

MSP N-central

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Notification Alert when license limit reaches x/%

Send a notification based on licenses used or licenses available; fixed amount or percentrage.

THis would apply to any licenses within N-Central and either set at the SO or Customer Level.

This would help avoid those awkward situations where you suddenly reach capacity and then have to wait on a PO.


Suprised this isn't already in the product as it would allow Solarwinds to sell more licenses sooner?

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@mstein)

MAV Bitdefender Alert on 'detected' threats in the dashboard

Hello, Due to my recent feature request getting closed due to a missunderstanding, I re-open this here: I did not expect I would have to post a feature request for this functionality, as I expected it to be common sense that the MAV check should fail and report as failure in the dashboard, if a threat is marked as 'detected' and no further action is performed. This would be the case for threats in outlook .pst / .ost ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Automated Task Failure Alert

Under Monitored Workstations - Automated Tasks, there should be the ability to enable an Alert (email or SMS) when an Automated Task fails. Currently when a workstation automated task fails, the workstation does not show up in the "All Problem Workstations" view. The only way to see a status is to (daily) check each client workstation list for a Red X. An alert option would be very useful.

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Mark device as offline

If a device goes offline without cleanly reporting back to GFI, it goes red and is marked as a problem device. There is currently no way to acknowledge this and clear it. Example - We have a Linux VM that we shut down as we needed to re-allocate the memory to another VM. We cannot bring that back up without physically installing more memory in the machine and are left with a permanent problem server that will only ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Patch management alert threshold

We would like to suggest a feature to the patch management part of GFI Max. First let me tell you why we need this feature. When enabling patch management on a server, the updates are mostly NOT installed automatically. Because when it comes to a server, you want to have control about what is happening on it. In case of a needed reboot, a lot of stuff can break in a server. So the patch management is used to scan for ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Alert when device requires reboot

Currently if a device requires a reboot due to Managed AV or Patch Management installations it flags in the Reboot column of the Dashboard. However, if that device has no failed checks it won't show up in the relevant 'Problems' display within the Dashboard, making it very difficult to keep tabs on which devices require reboots. It would make sense for devices that require a reboot to either appear in the relevant ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@shaunbridges)

Allow email alert or flag to be set showing PC is online again

It would be really handy to know when a PC is available to be worked on again.


If this could be initiated by right clicking on the PC in question and selecting something like "alert when online" and then the system could automatically send an email alert or create an alert within the dashboard / service desk when the machine is detecting as online.