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Submitted by (@darrin)

Implement a way to deal with missed scans.

We have some clients that have a lot of tablets or laptops that are somewhat infrequently used. Despite our attempts at running multiple quick scans a day, including some during business hours, these devices are frequently not on during the time of the scheduled task. It appears that there used to be a command line scanner in BitDefender. I opened a ticket with N-central support and was told that the only way to do a ...more »


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MSP N-central

Submitted by (@prejay)

SO Level Reporting - Bulk Customer Level Reporting Instead

So the SO Level reporting (and the descriptions) is broken by design. It's a UX Disaster. They were never actually meant to be run at the so level which is why they don't include the details that the customer level reports do, and were never updated to include the customers/sites that an so level report would need to be fit for purpose. Yet the descriptions are the same as the customer level reports which is completely ...more »

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Submitted by (@felix.hinze)

Automatic Patch Approval - display propagated Approval Rules.

When we Create Auto Patch Approval Rules in the SO Level, they do not actually display in the Customer and Site Levels. Even though the system does propagate them, it would be useful to be able to actually see them as inherited from parent as you would with the all other Rules. I.e. If you click on "ACTIONS --> Patch Approvals --> Automatic Approvals" on SO Level and create a rule there; Then go To Customer Level, "ACTIONS ...more »


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Submitted by (@nathaniel.mclean)

Generate Report for Specific Sites

Currently when trying to generate a report on a specific site within a customer it can only generate the report for all sites under the customer. The ability to filter for sites the same way an SO can be filtered for Customers would provide the flexibility required to generate relevant reports that are not flooded with unnecessary data.